Seven reasons why transfering your final salary pension benefits might be the best thing to do!

Is it time to break some taboos about transferring nal salary pensions? Find out why NOW is the time to explore your options.

1. Current exceptionally high transfer values may well change how you think

It’s probably true that transfer values have never been as high as they are now. At its simplest, this is because interest rates have never been AS LOW as they are now. The traditional wisdom of sticking with your final salary pension has in some instances been turned on its head. Transferring can now make sense and sometimes in a major way.

2. Put yourself in the driving seat

Take advantage of the pension freedom rules and be in control of how much income you take and when you take it. Flexibility and control are not normally available within final salary pensions.

3. More tax free cash

It is often possible to get a higher level of tax free cash from a personal pension than from a nal salary scheme.

4. Higher income

You may be able to draw a higher level of income than that offered by your final salary scheme.

5. Pass it on when you’re gone

You can leave what you haven’t spent to your partner and/or your children (or anyone of your choosing) when you pass away.

6. Hang your hat up sooner

Pension bene ts in a personal pension plan can currently be accessed from age 55 meaning you can retire earlier if you wish, without early retirement reductions normally applied by final salary schemes.

7. Help make the most of a reduced life expectancy

If poor health is an issue, being able to access your whole pension may help you to make the most of the time you have left.


It never hurts to take a look under the hood!

We offer a free, no obligation, meeting with a fully qualified and experienced adviser to look under the hood and see whether or not a transfer would make sense in your situation. If it doesn’t, we’ll tell you.

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